Teva Fuse-ion Men's

useless sizes.

-backs away slowly with size 14 feet-

unless you wear a 7.5, 8, or 8.5, then its pretty spot on

bought these for me (two styles), DH, oldest son and oldest daughter, and a friend.


it’ll be ages before these’re all sold… just three limited sizes. I have a size 13 pair from earlier this year, though, and love them.

Tiny feet…ya know what they say about that! You need tiny shoes :slight_smile:

Those are little boy sizes… funny they are selling these as bar hopping shoes.

Slim pickens on the sizes.

With such great variety!

C’mon, these are little boy shoes. I am a size 12, and I woulda bought a pair.

I am cursed with small feet so I did my civic duty and bought a pair!

Everyone is complaining the sizes are too small. I want them, I am a woman and I need a smaller size.

These shoes are for girly men.

Quite possibly the UGLIEST shoes I’ve ever seen

I like them, and living in the keys these would be great…but I’m a woman and they are STILL too small. Woot discriminates against normal foot sized people.

Bummer, was looking for boat shoes today but nothing close to my size.

I haven’t seen these but lots of sailors swear by Teva sandals.

Still some fugly size 7.5’s left. pfft.

Still some f’n_ugly size 7.5’s left.

Dang it. Should of bought two pair the last time they sold them. Now they dont have my size. Awesome shoes.