Teva Men's and Women's TevaSphere Shoes

**Item: **Teva Men’s and Women’s TevaSphere Shoes
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Here are a few reviews for the Womens

So, I’m intrigued by these shoes and the reviews seem promising. I’ve been having foot and leg problems and this might be just what I need. I just can’t quite get past the little stabilizer thing that makes it look like I stepped on a very large slug. I also don’t really know what the difference is between the styles aside from color. The running ones and trail ones look pretty much the same.

Let’s learn all about the T.I.D.E. technology

Let’s learn all about the warranty

Mens shoes are very difficult to buy online unless youve bought the same make and model before. How will I know if they are comfortable or if they will have sufficient arch support. If someone can confirm these properties I might be willing to try out a pair based on the Teva brand and sandels i have been very pleased with. Would love to hear some glowing reviews about these shoes and even then some colors are already sold out. Might just have to get my butt to the store and try some on but i only have one day for this deal…lifes quandries indeed

Oh yeah? I’ve been having problems with looking normal in public. This might be just the thing I need too!

Teva makes such a high quality, comfortable, lasting product. We have boots, shoes, sandals, flip flops and sneakers . . .
They are all fantastic.

First timer here…read the FAQ but not clear on returns. Shoes might not fit and would want to return. But is returns only for defective per the FAQ?

It’s two-fer Tuesday! Kinda, sorta—this is for one left shoe and one right shoe.

Yeah don’t even think about returns. I tried to cancel an order once FIVE MINUTES after I bought it and got denied (eye-fi card that wouldn’t work right with my camera, found out after I placed the order)
so yeah don’t hope.

Is there any width choices or are these all a medium width?

Do these have good arch support? I have high arches and I am picky about my sneakers.

Tell us, oh great Woot, is there any modification to the return policy on this? I, too, agree that buying a shoe would be precarious this way.

Aren’t these shoes the same ones Cramer designed on that Seinfeld episode with Mel Torme?

I think their design is at least inspired by them. This is one of the greatest episodes ever.


Anyone have any idea if these run big or small? Amazon and their site aren’t giving me any answers :frowning:

Reviews can be found here. Select the right model (woot offers several).

Few, but solid reviews… true fit, good support.

Our returns are for defects and damage upon receipt only. Some people try them on at their local stores to get an idea of the size. You may be able to contact Teva for some assistance on exchange as long as the shoe is not worn.