Teva Men's Kitling

I would like these sandals, but they do not list a size 9.5

Sadly we don’t have that size available at this time. Sorry!

I own these and they’re excellent sandals. The size 10 is only .15" longer than the 9.5. I’d hate to see you pass them up because of such a small difference. I own 6 pairs of Teva and I bought some with a bigger difference than .15" from my ideal and they’ve worked out well for me. You might be able to consider the size 10.

Just a thought: Every shoe I own, except for Teva, is a size 10. I just ordered the Teva Hudson in size 9 because I know my longest foot is 10.5" long and they say someone who’s longest foot is 10-5/8" should buy their size 9. Granted, the Hudson doesn’t have the closed front like the Kitling, but I just wondered if you wanted a 9.5 because that’s what you normally buy, or if you chose 9.5 based on the length of your longest foot and using their sizing chart. FWIW, if you haven’t already, you could always try measuring your foot length and compare it to the chart to see what size they recommend.

so if I have a 10.5 should I order that (true to size) or an 11 ? I think one toe is a shade bigger

I know they’re sold out, but do they have the stench problem like the Keen ones do? Something about build up and the rubber lending to a god awful smell of dead skin, sweat and oil.