Teva Men's Mush Sandals



In case you don’t like this sandal there are a couple different styles available over at Woot-Plus Funfortunately there isn’t that much selection left over there





These are the most comfortable flippy floppies I’ve ever owned. But they’re light! You may not want to leave them in the back of your truck after you go Mountain biking. They’ll most likely fly out somewhere between Alpine and the office. I mean, just guessing…but…


I call foul! That sale was scheduled to end this morning. They got everyone to buy the brown Mush sandals at $12 thinking it was a good deal. Now they offer them (in black) for $10. Foul I say!


This one is the Mush and the Woot “Plus” version is the sequel, Mush II. For whatever that’s worth.


The ones on Plus are the Mush II.

These are the Mush Original.

They’re different.

No foul.


rhyming mushin’ is easy. i mean, there’s a button right there that says “join the discussion”…


How’s the sizing on these? If I’m 11.5 do I size up to 12 or down to 11?


These are all I wear. Sometimes people will say, “Hey, put on some pants!” But I stick to my guns also the vinyl kitchen chairs.


The Mush II’s have the EVA outer sole which is a lot tougher than the mush sole itself. Thinking maybe I should add a pair of II’s besides the pair of each color originals I just ordered. In case I have to go walking on broken glass or some other Annie Lennox song.


To figure out your lady-size (if you have lady feet), Teva has this handy chart.

(Actually, you can use it for figuring out sizes for feet of either gender)


Ugh. According to the Teva chart I should be a 10.5 but that’s not right. I’ve been looking through the internetz and so far I’ve only found that they either fit perfectly or run a wee bit small. I guess I’ll size up to the 12. I hope I’m not swimming in them but I’ve been waiting on a deal for flops.


Happy Birthday Woot! In celebration you gave me a black box. Thanks.


Sierra Trading Post has these for $17.50 plus shipping before your standard 20% off coupon (making them $14 + shipping). They also have the Mush II for $12.75 before coupon. Personally I’m probably going to pay the couple bucks more in case I have to return them if they’re the wrong size. Sorry, Woot, but if it’s something I might need to return, you’re not exactly my first choice.


By far the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet. However, if you get stuck in the rain with these and they get wet, they become death traps.


I have several pairs of these in womens and as for sizing, I wear a 9.5 in everything that comes in a half size, and the 9 in these fit great…so I’d go down if you are a half size. I Love these flip flops, they are very comfy, even for someone like me that needs some arch support. The “mush” sinks in over time and kind of molds to your foot, but at the same time isn’t really squishy. I’m wearing a pair as I type this. And, $15 is a deal (with shipping)…with shipping 2 for $25 is an even better deal. I paid $15 for mine at Nordstom Rack.


This chart is way off for me. It says I wear a 7 1/2. In these Teva Mush flips I wear 9’s. I have a couple of 10’s that are OK for that matter. And in actual shoes either a 9 1/2, 10 or even 10 1/2 (multiple brands including New Balance) - when I do wear actual shoes. About 30.5 days a month I really do only wear only Mush’s (see earlier joke).


As do the original Mush. According to Both the TEVA and Woot sites, they have “EVA outsole with Mush® traction pattern”.