Teva Men's Raith Storm Waterproof Hikers

Good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Lots of “very good” reviews over at

The Teva hikers are about twice as expensive at Amazon:

My winter Teva boots just arrived Wednesday. They’re very impressive. Well-made and a firm sole, but still flexible heels.

I’m almost sad that spring has finally sprung in Minnesota.

It’s probably for the best that these are men’s only, because I really don’t need TWO sets of awesome boots.

Still only go up to size 13. sigh

I have the full boot version from a while back.

Do Tevas run large, small, or about normal? Thanks…

How’s the sizing run? I usually need a “wide,” which makes me tend to stay away from these offerings.

What happened to 9.5?

Ditto. I do check Woot shoe and boot sales but I can’t recall ever seeing width listed (and that means assume D-Medium, so no go)

“Mush-infused insole”

Do I want mush in my insole?

In regards to size, amazon reviews of multiple teva products say to go a half size above normal for most people. I would think the width issues would probably be solved with this as well.

I just got mine from the last Tevas Woot.
Nice looking boot, that wears well!
Tevas do Run about 1/2 size Larger.
I normally wear a size 9 in a boot,
Tevas are a 9.5 for me.

Looks like we were unable to get any in that size. Sorry. :frowning:

in-between what looks to be a majority of artificially generated positive reviews, i noticed a number of people talking about its failure to be what it’s advertised as; waterproof.

Doesn’t that mean they run small? And for the winter boots my 11’s I thought were right on.

I know these are for men but I am a woman and have been looking for reasonably priced waterproof hikers.
I don’t care what they look like, I am not in the forest for fashion.

Do you have a womens shoe size converter? I am a womans 9.5 and have no idea what size to order.

I wear a 10 in most shoes…had to go to 10.5 with Tevas…

Has the shopping cart barfed? I add the boots and see the popup window with gears truning, then my cart turns black… a few moments later it turns white, and no number appears.

Tried running this in Firefox with all add-ons disabled, and in Chrome, with the same outcome. Also tried several Woot sites with same response.

Help anyone?