Teva Men's Sandals

Today at Sport.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE TEVA MENS SANDALS AND MOAR TEVA MENS SANDALS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Teva Men’s Sandals


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Teva Men’s Sandals
Price: $12.99 - 19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Oct 16 to Friday, Oct 17) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the Mush II

It is mid October, and where I live, there has already been snow showers. Right now, flip flops are the furthest thing from my mind.

Number of days a year that a man should wear sandals: ∅

What sport are these for?


You used to be cool

You used to have good deals

Now you have sold out

I am looking for my alternate Woot