Teva Men's TevaSphere Shoes (3 choices)

**Item: **Teva Men’s TevaSphere Shoes (3 choices)
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The sizing chart woot provides under the “specs” tab shows ‘length’, but it doesn’t say length of what! What length are they referring to? The length of your foot (likely), the overall length of the shoe (doesn’t make much sense)? The sizing chart at Teva, teva chart says measure the length of each foot and use the longest measurement w/their conv. chart but their chart makes no sense to me. But then again, many things don’t! Their chart doesn’t show how to convert your inch measurement to shoe size? I must be stupid or blind or both! My brain’s melting! HELP!

I am a woman with exceptionally wide feet, and so I often wind up in men’s shoes. Have any other women bought these shoes? How do they run? (I am a size 11w womens shoe, I usually go for a 9 mens).

Presumably it’s the length from the toe of the shoe the heel base (in inches). Normally it’s just standard to post basic shoe sizes, but some people like to know the full foot length of the shoe (to help with fitting)

Thanks ROGETRAY for input. See my edited post with link and update input. Anyone’s input is welcome.

Amazon reviews for the Trail Event shoes.

I bought the womens trail model of these shoes a few weeks ago when they were offered here. LOVE them, and I’m so glad I took the chance on them. My foot is pretty much a perfect size 10.5, but that size is very hard to find. Woot actually had this in 10.5 and it fits me perfectly.

I have plantar fasciitis, and wearing these shoes seems to help rather than irritate it.

I bought one of each of these last time and am very happy. The blue sole one works great for a boat shoe, I race sailboats and they have good grip, non marking and dry quickly. Both pair were great out of the box. This ranks with the first time I bought a Sansa Clip player, thanks Woot.

Heel strike? If you’re doing that you’re doing it wrong. When running you should be landing mostly on the ball of your foot, not crashing down hard on your heel.

These shoes might be a good product for someone with bad running form who doesn’t want to correct their form. But I think you’d do better to learn to run properly rather than getting gimicky shoes to try to reduce the consequences of poor form.

Bought these last time around. Love the shoes but wouldn’t consider running in them (of course, I run in Five Fingers so these would be a major change for me).

I picked up the “Speed” model on the last Woot. So far, so good. They are a snug fit (width wise), but they do seem to run true to size. I have not run in these and probably wont (prefer New Balance for that). However, I use them for walking the dog, etc. At this price, not a bad pickup.

There is enough evidence both ways on heel strike and fore-foot running that arrogance like this is unwarranted. 90+% of recreational runners run with a heel strike or a heel-to-midfoot strike, and they run comfortably and complete in marathon and ultra-marathon distances that way without injuring themselves or taking a holier-than-thou attitude about it. How do I know? I’m one of them.

I haven’t used these shoes, so I cannot comment on if they are any good or not – I just wanted to make sure that people understand that the best way for you to run is the way that allows you to run the fastest and most comfortably without injuring yourself. For most people, that is with a moderate heel strike or a heel-to-midfoot strike. For those of you who run up on your forefoot, great – Just remember that this makes you neither better nor worse than anyone else.

Super skinny shoe. If you have a wide foot stay away, if you even think you have a wide foot stay away.

Oh thank you! I was going to ask about wide feet, which I do have. Ah well, no Tevas for me.

Any idea when these will be shipped?

Looks like labels have been created. I know waiting sucks, but I’d say be patient just a little longer.