Teva Men's Universal Sandals (2 Styles)

Product Page for the Mush with some reviews
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Check out the technology behind T.I.D.E.

Let’s learn more about the Teva Warranty

Why does the pic of the Insignia Blue look… well, green?

Dude… that’s totally Bleen (or maybe Grue)

Thanks for the link If I understand this concept correctly, they woud be bleen (following the photo) until a future point in time (packing or delivery) when they become grue. Then again I may be overthinking it.:slight_smile:

I bought these in a previous woot and I’m happy with them. I got the universal original, not the mush, since I thought the mush would be too squishy. The original is a little squishy too. It doesn’t have a hard footbed. I like them either way!!

Anyone know how the sizing is on the originals? I’m usually a 9.5. Should someone size up or down???

Perfect for the 45 year old dad accompanying his teenage daughters to a music festival. Don’t forget the knee high white socks!!!

I have a pair of Tevas and they fit pretty much natural as I wear a size 11…and 11 fit…would suggest they run pretty true to size

Women can wear these, drop 1.5 to 2.0 full sizes. You’ll have a little bit more width but otherwise they should fit. Good for knock-around our backyard pool for us. In for 3, Teva’s are great.

Since I moved to Florida I have been dying to try out the socks and sandals look.

Can’t decide between the Gleen and the Brue Mush.

Teva, translated, means “GREAT SHOES”.

I see what you did there.