Teva Men's Universal Sandals (2 Styles)

Lets check out the product page for the original universal


the product page for the mush universal

Let’s read all about the warranty

I have worn TEVA’s for the better part of 20 years.
I have the Mush flip flops, the old rugged sandals, the sandals like these, the Fusion sneakers and my kids have the boots and the regular sneakers ( i just bought a whole lot more for the kids in the last woot off, but haven’t had the chance to try them out yet)
Teva makes an unbelievable quality product!!

And to me, the sneakers run true to size vs a little small, but the sandals are constructed with a lot of room on the bed so that doesn’t matter as much.

I’ve worn Teva’s for years too and I’ve experienced a marked drop in quality. Man I miss the old pterodactyl model. Built like a tank with minimal but very comfortable straps.

Now the soles wear faster, the straps are very short, almost too short, and not very comfortable.

Well at least with this offer the price matches the quality. In for zero.

Aptly named “Mush”, this is my first pair of Teva Mush Universal sandals and I Love them. I had a favorite pair of EVA footbed-sandals that fell apart from years of use. I was very happy to find this Teva version as its replacement, which appears more ruggedly and durably constructed. Soooo soft and comfortable upon my first wear! Great arch support. The toe bed seems to be sightly higher than the heel. Hope to wear this pair for years to come!