Teva Men's Abbett - Black

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I just ordered the Teva Men’s Abbett Shoe. I have 2 other pair and I highly recommend them. They are extremely comfortable and very durable. They are quick drying and hold their shape and color.

Do these run true to size? I normally wear a 10.5 4E in New Balance and was trying to decide if I should buy a slightly larger size.

worn without socks?

I had the exact same thought, without socks they could be uncomfortable on the toes, but with socks they may look stupid, unless you match the socks to the shoes.

I own a pair of Teva sandals that I bought on Amazon, and although they look very durable and feel very comfortable, after a while they start to hurt the little toes. I got size 13 and they are much longer and at the same time might tighter than I’d like. Plus they get sweaty and start to stink quickly. I only wear them when I know I’m going to be outdoors most of the day.

Just a suggestion for anyone that wants to go barefoot, ROCKET PURE is a product I’ve used for 2½ years that has prevented “any” foot odor issues with my Vibram FiveFingers while going barefoot in the Florida heat. Nothing works for everyone but has been a godsend for me and, based on the reviews, for many others. I bought these in brown and will be wearing them barefoot but know I won’t have an issue with odor. Hope this info. may help.

Thanks for the tip, I’d use it if it was my feet’s entire fault, however, I’ve worn other sandals for years that are much cheaper, some even from PayLess, yet didn’t not stink that much.

A vinegar wash works to kill the smelly germs/bacteria also