Teva Men's Abbett - Brown

I bought a pair of Teva open toe sandals from Woot and they’re excellent quality, light and, so far, very durable. And even though I’m a die hard Vibram Five Finger’s fan I’ve always liked the look of their Abbett shoe (brown) and, because of this deal, I figure now’s the time to get them. But with open toe sandals sizing is a little less critical than with closed toe shoes. I ordered by “strictly” adhering to Teva’s sizing chart re: foot length. I was tempted to go up 1/2 a size but didn’t. Does anyone have experience regarding the accuracy of Teva’s sizing chart?

Willyone, I have a pair similar or perhaps Omniums which have leather straps and the sizing is accurate. Be aware that getting these on takes quite a bit of effort for the first couple of months. Mine have little ventilation slots on the footbed that seem irritating to the bare foot, though they seem to be getting smoother as they age.

Thanks for the feedback, it sounds encouraging. I expected to have to break them in before being able to enjoy them fully. I’ve bought every pair of my Vibrams and my Teva sandals online with good results but recently I bought a pair of Cushe slippers and unfortunately listened to others advice and ordered them a size larger than my norm only to have them fit a size larger than my norm. Though thankfully that mistake only cost me $15. Thanks again Fattuesday, much appreciated.

Wow, I just looked at these a “few” minutes ago and there must have been 7 or 8 sizes still available, just came back to post an FYI about a product for anyone considering wearing these barefoot and they’re sold out. I wonder how that happens?

Anyway, for any who may still see this, just a suggestion for anyone that wants to go barefoot, ROCKET PURE is a product I’ve used for 2½ years that has prevented “any” foot odor issues with my Vibram FiveFingers while going barefoot in the Florida heat. Nothing works for everyone but has been a godsend for me and, based on the reviews, for many others. I bought these in brown and will be wearing them barefoot but know I won’t have an issue with odor. Hope this info. may help.