Teva Men's Alameda Sneakers

Anyone know if these are any good? The waterproof aspect interests me since I have to walk my dog in all kinds of weather.

I do see that I could get a pair from the mothership for like $6 more with free shipping and free returns…

Missed out last time… wanted bungee in size 9… they’re all gone what a tease :frowning:

I bought a pair the last time they were on. I have worn mine in some pretty nasty conditions (snow, melting nasty sludge snow, and muddy places) and my feet have yet to get wet. They ran a little big on me but that may just be me getting the wrong size. Overall, I really like mine.

Any woot gods want to dig around and look for an extra bungree 9?!?

Wearing them today – Picante/size 12. They’re nice. Waterproof is relative, since they’re nicely sealed between the sole and leather uppers, but of course they will get wet thru the laces/tongue if you stomp in a 2in deep puddle.

I think the reason these ended up on woot is that the toe pinches slightly when I first put them on, but after a few minutes the rubber sides of the toe section become flexible at body temperature. So they probably feel like crap when people try them on in the store, even though they quickly become comfortable.

The support is typical, the arch is slightly lower than typical New Balance, and the heel has nice give but is not sloppy at all.

I’d buy another pair if I hadn’t gone in for two last time.

anyone out there have a 12? I bought size 11 and it’s tooo small. I’d consider a swap!