Teva Men's and Women's Boots

I bought a pair of the Gannetts, a couple months ago. They took a while to break in and hurt my feet, at first, but I love them and they are great in the snow.

Looks like a great book…anybody know if they run true. I sometimes wear a heavy sock so not sure to go up a half size. Any help appreciated and thanks. I normally wear a 10 1/2 but thinking I should do 11???

Ugh I keep missing the boots. One time I did manage to snag a pair. Originally I wanted to buy two pairs but they were down to one pair in my size. Bought them, but used the wrong card. I wanted to use another card but woot said they can’t charge the card on file but I would need to cancel the order. I decided to keep the order. Two days later, woot cancelled the order. I was disappointed. The point of this rambling story is to put it out there to the woot buyers could they please bring back the Teva womens boots. That’s all.

I bought the Gannet Mesh Black Olive last time. They run a half size small. I am stuck with a size
10. I have not worn them…just tried one foot.I also always wear
cotton socks.

I bought the Gannett last time, got a half-size larger than usual and they fit perfectly. They were a tad stiff at first, but not uncomfortably so. They are now the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve ever owned. Completely eliminated my shin splints. Love these shoes!

They run pretty true to size, but are fairly narrow. FYI.

Teva boot good.

wife likes the jordanelle. fit was true to size. A think pair of socks would work. Two would not. She has calves like an elephant (but I still love you dear), and did not have a problem with them at all. The upper portion is not restrictive or stiff…just insulative. The packing hook does indeed exist.

I bought the Jordanelle and it’s true to size (I wear a thick pair of socks with them) and fantastically warm and comfortable. Hooray!

I bought the highline boots a few weeks back on here. While they are nice boots they run very large and wider than most tevas. I have 4 pairs of various tevas (sandles, shoes, boots) all in 11.5 and fit about the same. (I always thought they were a little on the small and narrow side) These ones feel like they are at least one size bigger and wider!