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Just to warn anyone considering these, Woot has been sending out something that isn’t close to what’s pictured. I and others have told them about this issue but I doubt they’ve corrected anything. I hope I’m wrong, but Woot showed so little inclination to even want to be made aware of the issue, that I doubt I am. Initially they told me they hadn’t received any complaints and weren’t aware of the issue. However after I posted my experience, others claimed they also received a shoe different in color (not even close to the chocolate brown shown) and even in construction than what’s shown. Complaint or not, they were made aware they were not sending out what’s pictured. To see what I and others received, I wrote a review on Amazon so I could include a picture of the shoes I was sent “twice” so another Woot buyer could see if they matched what Woot sent him. The review is under the name Willyone on Sept. 24th. After viewing my review, the other Woot buyer said he received the same shoe. Another buyer wrote a review as well titled “Not Brown, Need Breaking In A LOT.” I’m not implying the shoe is inferior, some may even prefer it, but it’s not what’s pictured and, unless they’ve corrected the situation, you will NOT receive the shoe pictured. What’s most bothersome is, if Woot’s not corrected the situation, especially after being told and shown the issue numerous times, it just shows they don’t care enough about false advertising, or their customers, to bother correcting it. Hopefully Woot, since having been made accutely aware of the issue has corrected the situation and you will get what’s advertised. And, if so, I will apologize to all and ask Woot to remove this post.

Color was not as pictured on the pair I received. More of a tan color. Not bad but not brown.

Do you think you received the wrong color? If so, you can contact Customer Service for a return.