Teva Men's Kilting

I own a pair of Abbett’s that are very comfortable and have proven very durable. They have a single strap that goes around the back and are more open than these Kitling’s. But at this price, gonna give these a try! Teva has the dark olive on sale, but they’re still $48! These turkish coffees aren’t on sale. These are a great choice when going to establishments that don’t allow regular sandals. FYI Woot … you call these Kitling in some places and Kilting in others, but at this price, you can call them whatever you want!

I used to love Teva, but they changed their soles and now they are very poor quality. I won’t be buying these.

Aargh! Vietnam made Teva’s run small, so they should be bought at a slightly larger size than normal. That being said, my size is already sold out. The Kilting is a great sandal, but missed it again. Drat!