Teva Men's Kitling - Black

I have a pair of Teva Hiking Shoes on now that were purchased from woot last year. Best advice is to order a half size larger than you have normally purchased. Otherwise, great sole wear and a comfortable shoe with good support.

My husband has Fred Flintstone feet Do these possibly run wide?

I recently bought a pair of Cushe shoes and listened to the numerous comments that they run small and to order a size larger than your norm. I wear a ten but ordered elevens and they fit the way elevens would on a size ten foot, sloppy big. Someone who owns a pair of Teva shoes responded to my query about sizing accuracy for the Abbett and said the sizing chart is accurate and they fit accordingly. I know everyone who comments about size does so with the best of intentions, but my experience has shown, as one would probably expect, everyone’s feet are different and one can ever “rely” on other’s recommendations to be true for them.

Just a suggestion for anyone that wants to go barefoot, ROCKET PURE is a product I’ve used for 2½ years that has prevented “any” foot odor issues with my Vibram FiveFingers while going barefoot in the Florida heat. “Nothing works for everyone” but has been a godsend for me and, based on the reviews, for many others. I bought a pair of the Abbett in brown and will be wearing them barefoot but know I won’t have an issue with odor.

Hope this info. may be of help to someone. I love wearing shoes that are meant to be, or can be, worn barefoot but never could because of the odor issue. So when you find a product that works so well for you, it’s only natural you’d want to mention it with a hope someone else might benefit.