Teva Men's Leather Durban Tall Boot

How can you not allow free returns on shoes which are one of the hardest things to determine fit for? I’d love to buy but don’t want to be stuck.

Does anyone have these? Are they true to size?

Dear Woot,

If all you are ever going to post are specials for medium sized shoes please stop posting shoes completely. Some of us have different sized feet.

On the other hand, if you would like to continue this practice, by all means do so; however, also only offer medium size in all other clothing.

Disgruntled feet

The range is 7 to 14, which is pretty wide, and I imagine covers most men. Medium shirts would not.

Uhhhh, medium vs wide width is what the other poster was commenting on. Yes 7 to 14 gives one many length, but not width options. A size 14 shoe may be 3" too long, but too snug for the width of one’s foot. Buying shoes from Woot is dangerous because of the no return policy. That’s why I’m going to pass. Been burned before, and it’s very frustrating.

I have 6 pair of Teva and they all run true to size. I have boots, shoes and closed toe sandals. They all fit as I expected and they ALL adhered to Teva’s size chart and I’ve bought them all online. The best advice I can give, providing you don’t have special width issues, is to measure your feet per these instructions and you won’t go wrong. Of course use the measurement of your longest foot. My longest is 10.5" and I buy 9-1/2 in Teva if they’re say closed toe sandals where I won’t wear socks and I buy 10 if I want to have room for socks and a little extra. Again, this advice is only meant for someone with medium width feet. I just purchased a pair of these in size 10 and have the utmost confidence that these will fit me just the way the others do. I use this same method with all my Vibram Five Fingers where I have more pairs than any one person should and I started buying them by using the same foot measurements. Vibram is another company that seems to stay absolutely true to their sizing charts. Don’t know if this advice will be of use to you but it sure set my mind at ease being able to jump on a pair of Teva or Vibram whenever I see a good deal and haven’t been burned yet, knock on wood.

I should mention that their size 9 says it’s for someone with almost exactly a 10.5" long foot, and they’re right, but the first time early on when I tried the size 9 the end of my big toe just touched the front of the shoe. I just didn’t know at that time if their foot length chart accounted for even a little extra room or room for socks or not, it doesn’t.

If you want to see a real short video of these type “Teva Durban Tall Leather SKU:8533511” in YouTube’s search bar and watch the 30 or 40 second spot that Zappos makes for everything they sell. I hope this may be of some help.

I got mine today, I was a little worried about them being true-to-size, but they definitely are. And these boots are extremely comfortable, very happy with this purchase!

I received mine yesterday and knew they would fit perfectly. I’m a bit surprised they’re as comfortable as they are right out of the box, probably because they’re so flexible, which is another pleasant surprise. I usually think of boots, especially when new, to be stiff and require a long break-in period, but not so with these. Very pleased w/Teva, again!

I got mine and have been wearing them around. Very comfortable. I’m a size 10 in womens’ and ordered these in size 8.5. Probably could’ve gone down to 8. Not as “clunky” looking as I was expecting (even got a compliment on them by a coworker).