Teva Men's Mush Sandals

are they?

Woootizle. Ive been looking for a pair of these

These are comfy but the logo on the foot bed will wear off within the first week.

I bought a pair of these off Woot a little while ago and they are comfortable especially for the price.

One does seem to squeak a little bit if my foot sweats, but maybe that’s just me…

Eh, I’ll get a pair and let my piglets breathe.

I have a pair of these myself, and have to say they’re really comfortable. Walked around all day in an amusement park and drove 3 hours each way in them, and nary a blister or sore foot to be found. I’d highly recommend these for anyone looking for a nice, comfortable pair of flip flops.

What…only Big Foot sizes???

I know, my meager 9.5 doesn’t fit…

I got the ladies model during the last woot off, they are surprisingly comfortable flip flops. Saw this and got excited to get a pair for hubby, too bad he has little feet…

This will be my second pair owned and luckily they have a size 12. Very comfortable, last pair got destroyed by my dog. Will be sure to safeguard this pair!

A+ flip flops.

hmmm, i want a size 12 and a size 13, how do i do that? i guess i would have to order 2x but i doubt woot will let me…so i loose out on the shipping fee.

Opps, never mind.

Man, i cannot click fast enough…every time i choose, it is sold out by the time i get to the final page.

Wearing sandals is now a sport?