Teva Men's Sterling Lace, 4 Colors

It’s interesting to see the laces change as you go from one picture to the next for the same color shoe, except the olive. Wonder which one of the laces actually come with the shoes? Maybe one of each? Not a big deal … just sayin.

I have bought Tevas that included two pair of different colored shoe laces. Could be the same with these?

It looks like some of these color/size combos can be had for less than $20 …

If the shoe doesn’t fit, can I exchange for a different size? I usually have to try them on first.

These are $35 on Amazon, complete with two day shipping. Why on earth would anyone buy for $29.99 here + $5 shipping? Is there some advantage for getting it here? It seems like Amazon would be easier for returns/exchanges for size issues.