Teva Men's Universal Sandals

Why would anyone buy “sport” sandals that have one strap missing? It seems that they would tend to slide on your feet.

I looked up a little info because the bottoms of these looked strange. Turns out I’ve always had “hurricanes”. The “Mush” is the same sole as their flip-flops which is pretty comfy, but not nearly as durable. I can’t speak to the “original”.

I use to wear Tivas all the time. They aren’t missing a strap and are quite comfortable.

I have the regular Mush sandals and they’re DARN comfortable. They’re well made and I haven’t found them to be particularly undurable.

I’ve been wearing Tevas for about 25 years, I think. Wore out two pair and got my third pair two years ago. Don’t wear them as much recently, but the old pairs got plenty of use in all kinds of settings (hiking, beaches, poolside, hangin’ out). Yep, they last pretty well. And very comfortable. Too bad I’m broke - I’d buy a couple more pair for “eventually.” Great price!

How do the sizes run? Would an 11 be an 11 or smaller or larger?

What is the equivalent in women’s sizes?

Men’s sizes are generally 2 larger. I wear a women’s 9, but a men’s 7.

Yep. I wear a 12 normally and a 12 in this style of sandal.