Teva Women's and Men's Sandals

I’ve always heard great things about Teva shoes and sandals and about the high quality of Teva products. I decided to finally purchase a pair of the Olowahu sandals and am very disappointed! Aftre wearing them twice, the straps stretched significantly and now the shoes slide right off my feet when walking. Inwould not recommend purchasing Teva sandals.

I’ve been wearing Teva sandals (some variation of their original river sandals such as the current Terra-Fi offering) since 1990 or so and have never had an issue with them other than one pair had the strap pull out of the heel on me a couple of years ago. I remain a loyal fan and encourage anyone to get a pair.

If I didn’t currently own 2 pair, I’d be all over the Terra-Fi sandals today, but I do love my Hurricane XL with the more aggressive and durable tread for my needs.

I haven’t worn Tevas in a few years, but I loved the two pairs I did have.

I don’t like the way they added all the padding, so I never purchased another pair. I may get another, in the future, because it looks like all sandals now have that ridiculous padding.

I JUST bought the Zirra sandals from another site and I have to say, they are one of the most comfortable sandals I have ever put on my feet. The strap isn’t fixed at the ball of the foot or side ankle (meaning it can slide as you walk) so it doesn’t create any pressure points at all. I feel barefoot only with support. I do have narrow feet and I think in time the strap might stretch and be a little loose, but if you have thicker/wider feet or tend to get swollen as you walk throughout the day these would be great because they adjust so easily and don’t put pressure on the foot.

They seem true to size, I usually wear a 9.5 and that fit perfectly.

Also, I would not use these for water shoes due to the movement of the strap. They don’t hold the food solid enough to the sole and it would be very easy, especially on rocks (like the river we frequent) to slide and turn your ankle. I would stick with Keens or the traditional Teva style for water use.

Two requests:

  1. please do NOT wear these things at work.
  2. never, ever, under any circumstances, wear them with socks. EVER. That’s just nasty.
  3. Just because your feet are exposed doesn’t mean it’s OK to pick them. I have coworkers who wear these things and absentmindedly pick their feet while you’re talking to them. That is sofa king gross.