Teva Women's Sandals



Shoes for the ladies! Who’s got some Tevas and can tell us about comfort?


I have the Teva Olowahus and am on my 2nd pair in 3 years. Fantastic flip flops and I will be trying out some of these as well.


I have 6 or 7 pairs of Teva’s at home. I love them. So very comfortable. I ordered 3 more pairs today.


I have to say that I own these exact mush sandals and I L-O-V-E them. I’ve walked miles in these and they are the first flip flops that I can do this - the footbed and “between-toe strap” materials make all the difference. I even turned several friends and family to buying pairs. I haven’t ordered yet, but only because I haven’t decided how many to buy.


How do I purchase 2 pairs of different colored teva’s without doing 2 transactions?


While it is nice to have something “for the ladies” this is the second sale that’s discriminatory. What’s going on?


You don’t - you do 2 different transactions and get charged shipping for the first one, and as long as you do the 2nd transaction today, you get free shipping on the second one.


I bought my first pair of mush sandals about a month ago and they are extremely comfortable. Though I usually wear a 9.5 - 10 in dress shoes, I had to buy 11’s in the mush.


Thank you!!!


Yay! I asked for these last time, and look - here they are! Thanks, woot! Off to mix and match…

Hey…not trying to push my luck, but could we maybe get some Teva hiking sandals? Pretty please? :smiley:

ETA: If it’s not clear, I meant women’s hiking sandals. TIA O gods of woot!


How do Tevas in general run width-wise?
I’ve been looking at a different style, but not sure it would be worth it to try, as my feet are wide, and I can’t find any information on the website about widths.


Where do I go to purchas them at all. I missed the transition to woot plus, etc.


This is so awesome! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these. I just never wanted to pay $24 for flip flops, hehe. I did try them on in a store though, and even though I generally wear a size 7 sandal, I needed a size 8 in this sandal.


I’m praying to the Woot gods too that I see hiking sandals as well! So I’m with you!!


So these run about 1 size small? Thank you for the size info! I came here to see if anyone had posted about how the run & found this post.


They run narrow but I don’t find them too small–I wear about 8.5-9 (my Saucony running shoes are a 9) but just checked 2 pairs of Teva Mush and they’re both 8’s.


what about men!? I had a pair that were comfortable and I lost them to the ocean… I need a new pair!


Living in Florida, I’m not rookie to sandals. Reefs. Rainbow. Teva. Quicksilver. Walmart special. I’ve worn them all.

I ordered a pair of the men’s Mush 1’s when they were on Woot a couple weeks ago. I received them quickly. Pretty darn nice for the price. Very comfortable and the bottoms look pretty durable too. The top foam is very mushy and soft. The bottom layer/sole is quite a bit tougher, but you can’t even feel it while walking. It just adds durability.

And the men’s sandals did run a size big. Just FYI. Everyone was saying that, so I ordered a size down and they’re still a touch big if anything. Perfect.


Sportwoot had the same deal for Men’s Teva Mush a few weeks ago. They were $14 each I think. Hopefully it will pop up again soon!