Teva Women's Boots



Here’s the size chart:,default,pg.html


Checked the Teva Site and this is a great deal.
They are $140.00 there, and rate almost a full 5 stars.

I have several pairs of Teva shoes, clogs, and sandals.
They are super comfy and and handle a lot of abuse. Last a long time.

Going to have to find a way to justify these.


I don’t think I can justify buying these… I live in Florida and don’t plan on going for the “super cute UGG boot/rainboot look.” Flip flops are fine by me. Rainbow sandals next Woot?


what’s the sizing like on these? cause according to the linked size chart, i’m a 7.5, and i haven’t been a 7.5 since middle school!


Were you looking at the men’s chart by chance? The women’s is on the right.


hey, you guys at least have real weather! here in san diego, we’re just a daily moving average of climate. certainly nothing to justify these boots :frowning:


Went to Amazon to check out the reviews. Sounds as if these boots run small and narrow. Enough for me to opt to NOT buy. :frowning: Oh well.


I bought the Teva water shoes a few months ago and was worried about fit as supposedly their shoes run small. I am a true size 6.5 with a normal width foot (if anything, a little on the wide side) and they fit perfectly. Also insanely comfortable. I would order these if I needed them as I now trust the brand.


the women’s have always run true to size for me.


I REALLY REALLY want these boots. I have come back to look at them for 3 days and told myself if they still have my size today I would get them. One problem. Just realized Woot doesn’t allow returns. If it was a shirt or something it would be different, but shoes?!? I don’t know if I trust buying a pair of shoes online that I have never seen in person, never tried on, and can’t return. What have you longer term Wooters done if something doesn’t fit that you bought?


I got stuck w/ 2 pair of Skele-toes that aren’t true to size; I sold one pair on a Facebook yardsale page but the other sits, waiting to be a gift for someone, anyone. may be your better bet.


That’s always the balance: Buy a quality product at an incredible price - but maybe it will be unusable . . .
If it is helpful, I bought my kid some Teva boots at Marshalls and she wears them almost everyday. They are comfortable, warm and have been waterproof in both snow and rain, all while looking great!!


Last summer, I bought a bunch of Teva flip flops from Woot and was able to exchange a pair directly to Teva. One of the pairs rubbed my foot and caused chaffing. Not a complete refund, but they were very nice and quick!


If they don’t work, you can always ebay em’!


Got the boots, they look like they are kid size. I reviewed sizing chart, measured my foot and I can barely get them on without socks. Any way to return these?


Sorry to hear that.
Email and let them know. We may be able to process a return in this case.


thank you I will!


Same here. I read that they run small, so I ordered a size larger. I excitedly slipped off my size 8 Doc Martens, took off my thick work socks, and… cannot even fit a bare foot into the size 9 boots. My heel won’t even get into the boot. I’ll email woot. Thanks for the tip.


I had this exact same problem. In fact, I have a pair of Teva sandals size 7 which are just slightly too big for me, but the size 7 boots are just too small. I can’t fit them with socks, and without socks I can push my foot in but it feels too uncomfortable to try to move it.