Teva Women's Hurricane 3, 3 Colors

I’m confused. If I look up this shoe/color online, it comes up with an entirely different shoe. Which is this item? What’s in the photo or the Hurricane 3 in denim black?

Do you have a link to those other shoes? When I look up this shoe I get results that look identical (just different colors/patterns)

And I see the one pictured in Woot as a Terra Fi 4.

Thank you SO MUCH for pointing this out. I’ve reached out to the vendor team with this information and hopefully they will get back to me soon and we can solve this Woot-mystery.

Thanks. I did go ahead and order the purple. But really depending on which shoe it actually is, I might like black. Hopefully they get back to you. :slight_smile: Happy Labor Day

** Whoops! We made a mistake!**

Hey everyone, looks like we had the wrong photos up for this sale earlier today. We have now changed the photos to reflect the correct sandals. If you purchased these shoes earlier today, don’t worry! We will contact you about your order soon.

I can’t find these on your site now. Are they still available?

No, this was our Saturday daily deal and it ended at midnight.

Looks a good sandal, is it normal size? I’m searching for a pair for tropical storm, or any rain days actually.

Very comfortable and wears well for a good hike