Texsport 66402 Clif Hanger II Tent

Is the width 47 inches or 3 feet 9 inches? Length is sketchy too.

The information is not conflicting. Where did you see it say something else?

The tent floor dimensions are 90" by 47". The tent inside height is 39".

Usually a tent will have slightly larger exterior dimensions when the fly is installed and staked according to directions. But, the available “living” space is according to the interior floor dimensions as given.

I know TT was on vacation when you posted, so perhaps another moderator can look into this further for you?

Question: what is the weight of this tent?

The information is conflicting because the diagram lists dimensions of 3’ 9" which is 45" not 47"and 7’ 5" which is 89" not 90"

The mothership lists it as 5.7 pounds

Ok, I see that image now. My apologies. It’s still within 2 inches for width and one inch in the length.

I guess factory people don’t know how to do the math when dealing with Imperial measurements, instead of metric?

Also, the listing on Woot has the weight as 6.05 lbs.

It’s like buying airfilters for your home furnace/AC. You order 24x20x4 and you get 23.8 x 19.5 x 3.5 (just an example. But when you order, they normal do not show/advertise the loss.