Text as Art

Bring back the Alternative Earth (Polyester/Cotton/Rayon) zip hoodies!

The new Polyester/Cotton is horrible, after the softness of last “years” blend.

I waited for the cold weather to buy more lightweight zip hoodies but I just can’t fill my closet with this stuff.


Hate to be that guy, but- YAY! My first woot plus thing!!! Proud to be included next to such cool designs and classics- Thanks Woot!

Thank you for not catering to folk like me by offering the zip hoodies in anything larger than a 2x. Otherwise, I might have succumbed to the allure of Meow and frivolously given you money for another item I really don’t need…but FYI: you are missing out on a literally large chunk of the ‘crazy cat lady’ market, just sayin’…

Woo hoo !!! Nevermore on a slate shirt blank!!!

Curse you, zip-up hoodies! Would have sprung for Don’t Blink if it was a pullover, but I can’t justify spending $30+ on something where the cool design is hidden by the hood. My “Welcome to the Internet” zip-up is hella comfy but nobody ever notices the design. :frowning:

I was going to ask about that. I guess that makes my decision as well =( So the zip ups on here aren’t worth it, since the hoodie covers up the design? Thanks!

Toil and Trouble would be great as a journal, too.