text message and other alerts...


Hey I was wondering what services or programs people use for their woot text message alerts. Also I was wondering if any one knows about a service or program where you can send groups of people phone calls with prerecorded messages from you pc.

Please help!


dunno about the latter, but i have WootAlerts sent to my cellphone as a text message… you sign it up with the email address from your phone company that actually gives you a text message… it works good, predicts woot-offs a few hours in advance, usually, though it usually is a couple minutes behind the actual change, so if you’re using it to tell you when to buy a bag of crap, you’ll have missed out… for regular items that don’t sell out immediately, though, it works great…


I think you might of missunderstood, i was looking for what service or program they use to be able to send the text messages or phone calls.


oh… he just sends those out as emails. i think if you want to send stuff directly as a text message, it’ll cost some serious $$