TEZL TZLWC-2 1080P PC Live Streaming Webcam

TEZL TZLWC-2 1080P PC Live Streaming Webcam

I bought two of these and I was sorely disappointed. The video quality is so-so, and the camera would focus in and out which was frustrating. The audio quality is very muffled. Also the 2nd one wouldn’t install for some reason. I would not recommend.


My camera arrived with scratches on the front. Camera seems disappointing picture quality is so-so and the mic volume is very muffled. I have a new pc that I just built, the mic volume randomly changes. Another friend is having the same issues.


Slow to focus and the gain is way to high on the mics. Unusable.

I came to say the same things. The camera is laggy, and the mic pics up all sound and is so loud. I wasn’t able to adjust it low enough with the audio settings as well.

Similarly, I bought 2 of these previously, and returned them. I actually didn’t have any issues with the video, but the microphone sounded like it was under water and unusable. Both cameras had the same mic issue, so it wasn’t just a fluke.

i grabbed one of these from last time as well.
so far, video performance has been acceptable. audio is pretty bad, so i use an external mic run through a presonus audiobox.

the most baffling thing about this camera is the design.

  1. the ‘clamp’ thats used to mount it to your monitor is pretty loose, so there’s zero tension keeping it positions on your monitor. i thought it might have some sort of spring mechanism to hold it.
  2. the cable to the damn thing comes out right from the BACK of the camera housing…this forces the cable to push against your monitor and since the ‘clamp’ is garbage (as mentioned above), the camera is forced to a downward angle and tilted. if the cable perhaps came from the TOP of the camera housing, or the SIDE, it may not be such an issue.

i should have prefaced with the fact that this is the first camera of this type for me, so its possible these flaws exist with other similarly designed cameras, but im not sure.

to remedy the abysmal mounting style, i used a 3m picture hanging strip to adhere the camera to the back of my monitor. this is the only way ive found to get a solid mount.

had this cost more, i would have returned it didnt seem worth the hassle. if given the choice knowing what i know, i would most definitely forgo this one.