"Thank You" Disposable Grocery Bags

"Thank You" Disposable Grocery Bags

“Reusable and Disposable” :clown_face:


we use these mostly for disposable - good way to contain odors from diapers

Insert facepalm.

I wonder if there is a ban on shipping these to California since even stores can’t give them out.

Also, not that I want them, but how many come in a package? 308 of them? Strange number.

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Yes, just received them & there are 308 bags in the box, not that I counted them. That’s what the box said.


It said the bags are stronger than the bags used at grocery stores. Do you think that is true? Will they rip easily or do you think they will hold up?

That is such an odd quantity! We just reuse the wally world bags for garbage bags (bathroom, workshop, etc).

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I kinda think it could be a weight thing. The machine kicks out the bundle at a certain weight that happens to be 308 bags. But I have no idea.

Should I count all of the bags?

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Twice. Make sure there are no duplicates.

What about thriplicates?

Those are ok.

308 is the metric count. That converts to 300 Imperial.


No ban on shipping for these. The ban on single-use plastic bags doesn’t cover stuff like this.

The box is smaller than I expected but I guess that’s because I bought 900 last time.