A great big thank you to The Green Godmother! That was so kind to take time out of your day just for me <3 The card is beautiful and I can’t wait to plant it! I know exactly where, so I can see the flowers from the window <3 Much Love to you Green Godmother! Your love is appreciated more than I could ever convey in words… I am humbled and grateful for your kindness! <3

You are very welcome, my dear kathleen1966!

A very Happy Birthday to you, and also to your Green Twin Sister, hot72chev!

Look - I got one too!

GGM - you are so good to your team! Thank you!

Hey Kathleen, I will be working tomorrow, so let me wish you a Happy Birthday one day early. I’ll be here tomorrow evening, so we can post party gifs or whatever.

From your Green Twin Sistah From Anotha Motha Who is a Yeah Olda!

I hope yours was awesome! I love how we get to plant the card! I had to stay off for a few days, ex’s son passed and services were on our birthday, plus some other stuff goin on here…

Ah, sorry to hear that, kathleen.

Hey, I just happened to run into a lady on Tuesday whose birthday was the 19th, same year as mine. I said “You are one day younger than me!” I forgot to ask where she was born, we may have been in the nursery together.