Thanks for the 5am alert

Really love it when the Woot! app (on Samsung S9) decides to alert me about a Woot Off at 5am PST. I may need to, I dunno, turn off notifications for the app, I suppose. Can’t silence phone because work.

The alert we sent was silent so you shouldn’t have gotten any noise or vibration. I’m checking with others and it was silent for them. Also no other complaints from wooters and if we wake them up, we hear about it.

Did you get another notification at the same time perhaps? Does the S9 have unique notification settings?

I’m dropping a note to the developers so they can look into it just in case.

It did this to me last woot off too. I didn’t change any settings on the app. I get the alert and the message in the pulldown at the top of the phone. And it’s the same alert I get when a server goes down at work, so… fun!

It was audible? What device?

Samsung S9
Android 9 with all system updates
Carrier is Verizon
Woot! app is latest version from Play store.

Thank you. I’ll add yours to the list of 2. :\

Interesting that you both have S9. Hmmmmm.

Who’s the other person?

Oh crap, I’m tired. I read that as a different person. Nevermind.


LOL. You need another vacation

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I’m happy to be two people for you.

I’m still laughing about this.

I’ve been here at the office since 6:30am. I’ve got another 3-4 hours ahead of me bc after the Woot-off ends, I have to go through all the BOCs to cancel duplicate orders.



It’s time to quit. Do you get overtime? What about your son?

Should I create a few accounts and order some bocs? Just so you can have more fun

Nope, no overtime. @manlapig is going to cover the morning for me tomorrow so I can sleep in a bit.

What about my son? He doesn’t work for woot.

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But is he home alone? And NO overtime? What the hell?!

He’s an adult. He’s fine.

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Soooo, no happy hour?

Nope. No more for this year. Hope to get more $$ to do more next year.

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