Thanksgiving Bird


Great design acraigl!!

What a day for you! Ordered one acraigl!

Did I miss something? I feel like you guys used to reject shirts like this.

Congrats on the print acraigl! I did not have the guts to enter one of these after my last controversial entry got nixed. Woot seems a bit inconsistent on what is acceptable, but that is not your fault. Funny design and great execution. :slight_smile:

I love this design, but I seem to remember getting reprimanded for cussing, because this is (or was) a family friendly website.

How is this any different than cussing?

Really high class,can’t wait to see what you’ll do for Christmas!

Yeah, fortunately I live my life in a way that there is no place I would wear this shirt. You give me the bird, I give you no money. Good luck with this one kids.


Right there with you Jester, this is puerile at best. Who’s judging these contest? A seven year old?

don’t you just wish people could have, even if just a little bit of a sense of humor?

geez…don’t like the shirt, don’t buy it…move on. I don’t like all the gun (aka murder gear) sold on here…so guess what? I DON’T BUY IT!!

Yeah because T-shirts are so classy.

Wow, woot is becoming vulgar and disrespectful. I’m sure Bezos is proud.

I need one of these for every holiday that I have to deal with family. I would no longer need to have an expletive filled inner monologue. This would take care of all of it. Excellent shirt.

Yeah, Amazon would never sell vulgar & disrespectful shirts
Warning-NSFW Amazon link

And I might add, those AMZN shirts are WAY more explicit than this cute shirt offered here.

Always nice to hear from the sense of humor experts. So it’s if I don’t think what you find funny is funny then I lack a sense of humor ?
I won’t buy it but I will comment on it.

I think it’s hysterical, and the obvious winner this week! Congrats acraigl :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that this has been the first woot shirt in a long while that made me truly LOL. In for one!

Thanks for the support in the derby on this design!
Think about it from the turkey’s perspective, maybe? :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!