Thanksgiving Coffee Company - Five Pack

Thanksgiving Coffee Company - Five Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
1 12oz. bag Mirembe Kawomera Delicious Peace
1 12oz. bag Campesino Estate
1 12oz. bag Gorilla Fund Coffee
1 12oz. bag Classic French Roast
1 12oz. bag Classic Mocha Java

$8/bag ~ $10.75/lb. Anyone had this stuff? Also note that it’s whole-bean (which you should have figured out from the picture).

Happy Thanksgiving, woot! :smiley:

There are Jews in Uganda? And they farm???

Ah…been waiting for something like this. In for one

OH. ALSO! My wine got here yesterday at work! Perfect timing!

Looks like I will have to go and look up my Kahlua recipe to use this coffee. Wish it was Kona…

Edit: Forgot to add…I did order straight Kona from Hawaii for about $30 a pound and it was heaven. Since it was so spendy I put 1 scoop to every 2-3 which took away any bitter you might taste on the cheap stuff and still had that smooth Kona taste.

Cool…finally coffee…I can relate to this like my wine!

Thank goodness. Something I can pass on.

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** Upcoming Woot Wine Gatherings…The Thursday, “Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!” Edition**

Is there a Woot Wine Gathering in your neck of the woods? Come join us! No gathering? No problem! Propose one! We’re nice people, and we bring GOOD wine!

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12/6:NoVA/DC #8 Loweeel is hosting. Let us know if you are coming!
12/13:NYC #7 – Holiday Tasting 20 people. 20 wines. Oh, and Gary V is coming over just to liven things up a notch!
12/20: NoVA/DC #9: A Break From The Madness Just hangin’ out, relaxin’ under the Wootmas Tree with the homies!
12/28:Chicago #8: Wishing You a Sparkly New Year! Sparklitariate unite! Unite and fight for your right to NOT be frou-frou! Meet at Lauratchi’s & Joel’s place on Sunday night!
TBD: German Goodness in Rockford, IL Subinsignia is planning Teutonic Festivities at the local Rathskeller! Dates are being discussed, so it’s time to start thinking ahead.

1/24:TMR’s Ultimate WineBid Dinner Party This looks like a crazy good evening! If you haven’t checked the thread lately, you really need to do so.
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1/31:NoVA/DC #10 We have a date. Now it’s time to start thinking theme!.
TBD:SoCal #6: The Continuous New Year’s Eve Party The SoCal Wine Wooters want to extend the holidays. Come join them!
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February (No, that isn’t a misprint!)
2/7:Detroit #4: Sushi Battle …with Sparklies!!!

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I guess you can’t drink this stuff on leap day. :frowning:

In for 3, great coffee is always appreciated out here. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

For 12 bucks a pound, shipped, I’m gonna need a dang serious good reason to buy. I can get some wonderful, artisan, small batch, fair trade beans locally for a few bucks less a lb. (Guess not everyone can though.)

So, will the winemaker… er, coffee roaster be stopping by to chat?

About 3X what i normally pay for Costco coffee. But I might try it if I can be convinced it’s really good.

Yay! Finally something I won’t hesitate to use my birthday coupon on. :smiley: I relly hope I’m lab-ratted on this. :slight_smile:

I’ve had two of these, I didnt like them at all. Cleaned coffeepot and then used distilled water, STILL bad. I guess they were before Starbucks in convincing people that awful coffee is desirable. Just charge more for it.


a meager $125 later…And I have no I dead what I’ve bought for the wife…10 years of caffeine induced marital bliss can’t be that bad…

Hey… nobody said it yet, but mill is back on top!