Thanksgiving Crap


Happy ::burp:: Thanksgiving, Woot!

Finally snag my first BOC!!!

I finally actually got my first one? I’m going to pass out now…

bowls of cranberry sauce! Hurry!

Thanksgiving Crap
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Nov 28 to Friday, Dec 01) + transit
Condition: Cheerful


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Did you miss it? Here are some Crappy Tips

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2. Keep your cart clean - Clear out any sold out items from your cart
3. Use WootStalker - It significantly increases your chances

I finally got a bag of crap. It’s been years.

Okay, what is going on? I’m in the app and two different tabs in the Vestibule, and not even one bag of crap.

WooooooT!!! Happy B O C!!!

Stuck in the Vestibule of impatience!!!

Awww, crap!

Longest crap on woot main ever…

Got a Turkeyday Basket of carrots

Survived the vestibule of patience!

I got stuck in there too. Don’t close the tab. Mine eventually refreshed and let me purchase.

First BoC in about 8 years. Heck yeah!

I’ve been in the Vestiblule of patience for a good while now. Doubt anything is gonna go through…

It’s gotta be a record. What, 7-8 minutes?

I’m once again thankful today. Thanks Woot! for the extra surprise

After a few minutes. I got through.