Thanksgiving Meal Preparation

I had never heard of this company or fryer before so if you’re a novice like me, here’s a really detailed Step by step video from Waring that explains everything inside the fryer as well as how to use it.

the oil bottles… are they glass or plastic?

What bottles?

ETA: Sorry, I thought this discussion was only for the turkey fryer. My bad!

The Joseph Joseph Flo™ Oil & Vinegar Drizzler? Features say:

The glass flasks’ curved shape is intuitive to hold and they come with their own silicone coaster for smart, organized storage.

The CSR-1712R says it is “Roaster with Rack”, but I don’t see a description of the rack in the specs. What kind of rack is it?

The Anolon set of pans…Can anyone confirm if these are PFOA, PTFE free? Google and Amazon are vague so I’m assuming no since that is usually a big claim. I’d be in on these if they were but I have to be sure. I have parrots, lots of parrots…

Can’t speak to the prices without a bit of research, but wow Woot, nice range of products on that splash page!

Too bad that 2.5 gallon Waring fryer is optimized to turkey cooking or it might have a chance of displacing our (too small) 1 gallon ‘fry’ fryer.

@ladyperl, thanks for that handy video. I had no idea Waring had an “Executive Chef”.

Although I wouldn’t eat anything cooked by Mr. “Voltare” after seeing is long floppy sleeves dragging across the un-cooked bird. Not pretty for healthy eating.

FYI; Waring has been making kitchen appliances since the late 1930’s and professional restaurant equipment for more than 75 years. They produced the very first-ever blender in 1937. As a retired chef, I have used their commercial products for many years and the quality is up there with the very best of them.

Note: Some of us boomers might remember Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. That is the very same Waring.

You can fry anything that will fit. Since we love to fish, my daughter-in-law uses hers for fish fries about once a week.

@cabaretsinger, while the Brand “Waring” has been around for a long time, it appears to be yet another recycled Brand, now owned by brand collector, Conair, at least for consumer products like this Woot.

Note the Brand Cuisinart is also a sister to Waring.

Wiki for Conair (Waring, Cuisinart, etc…)

@cabaretsinger, been doing home made from scratch fries and chips for over 35 years. All that extra air space above the small/short basket + the rotisserie gear would be a massive waste and too difficult to clean for routine other food frying.

Actually, it’s an Onomatopoeia. Like Moo, Buzz, or Ah-Choo. But not sneeze or honk.

Does anybody know how a refurb works on a toaster oven? Is it cleaned or just verified to work, or do they not even accept them if they’ve been cooked in?

Mine just broke and these seem like great deals, but I’m hesitant to possibly buy someone’s crumbs and grease.

You can cook parrots in a PTFE coated pan, you just need to be careful not to overheat the pans if you have birds as pets because the smoke can be toxic to them.

As a deep fryer, this model is slightly better than “OK”. As a turkey fryer, this model is AWESOME! The rotisserie is perfect and I cooked a whole 10 lb turkey in 40 minutes! It was delicious and unbeatable.

Cleanup is miserable, but then again, cleanup is miserable for ALL deep fryers. At least this one has a drain spout. I wish some of the parts were dishwasher safe, especially the main tub and basket.

I give it 3.5/5.