Thanksgiving Preparation

James Cook

Leif Ericson

those of you that are interested in the igourment food products - be careful. they seem to have a track record of substituting items as regards their woot listings. see the following for examples:

igourmet: Halloween Treats For YOU

Oktoberfest Part Eins

[MOD: iGourmet has verified that there will be no substitutions on the meats.]

The Zyliss rotary grater is recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, which is always a quality source for kitchen gadget testing. ATK also recommends the Zyliss box grater which sadly isn’t offered here. I could really use a good box grater for kitchen prep.

I bought this very mandoline last summer from the mothership at full price — it’s great, and quite fun to use. Our dinners contained unnecessarily sliced and cubed vegetables for weeks.

Thank you! This helps!

So many relationships start out like this…


I couldn’t find any reviews or more info on the Rösle knives elsewhere online. Any comments on these? Can someone at Woot tell me what material the Rösle 96706 Chef Knife (or Santoku) is made of? Is it forged? Was it made in Germany or China?


Took a chance on the set of Slow Cookers - and currently waiting to hear back from support.

Mine are damaged, probably from poor packing. But even if they weren’t, I doubt I would use them. Though the description states that the casing is stainless steel, I highly doubt it. It feels as if it is made of tin, and it was glued together (as seen due to the damage, one of the seams is a little split).

The first thing to come to mind when looking at these in person is fire hazard.

Seriously, the ceramic pot is actually kind of nice, but the actual cooker is supported by little plastic nubs that I would worry would melt, catch on fire, and destroy my house.

Highly recommend people avoid.

Woot, I would be happy to write reviews for any and all hams you could send me. I will use professional ham reviewing terms, like “tasty”, “hammy”, “porky”, “yummy”, “double hammy”, or, if need be, the dreaded “delicious” (the lowest review a ham can get). I run the world’s preeminent source for ham reviews, The Daily Ham, and am host of the nearly famous ham-based podcast, Let’s Get Free Ham with Trevor. I will also accept free turkeys, computers and cash.
Yours truly,
Johnny “Free Ham” Freeham

It’s Thanksgiving, that’s why we eat BOTH. 'murica.

Whew, you asked a lot of questions in that one post.

From the buyer:

Steel is made of a German Hardened Steel blend – X50CrMoV15. This steel is very stain resistant. It’s tough and resists corrosion well.
Made in China of German Steel
Forged Blade


We’ve talked with iGourmet and there will be NO substitutions on the meats.

Bahahahahahaha!!! Did not see the “refurbished ham” coming! FTW!


Maybe I’m just proving myself to be a glutton, but since when can a 16 pound ham feed 64 people? Is everyone allowed only a single bite?

Not to criticize your eating habits, but I generally don’t eat a quarter pound of ham in one bite.

Nah, but I do come from one of those families that firmly believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two days of the year where it is acceptable-if not expected-for everyone to eat until one is in fear of rupturing their stomach. “Eating dinner” starts shortly before noon and continues throughout the day intermittently. We’d have 20+ people gathered, and I can’t imagine that ham lasting long.

I must stress that we don’t eat like that every day of the year. lol This is a once or twice a year thing at best.