Thar They Go!

Well, at least he was wearing a helmet… but I bet it wasn’t ANSI or SNELL rated. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Call me Ishmael.

Oh just wait until Mr. Krabs finds out… he’s gonna be waiting with a shotgun for her to get home…

Instead of shouting “FIRST!”, the first commenter should really just say “Call me Ishmael.”

Just remember, Moby Dick doesn’t die at the end of the book. So I bet it’s due to the fact he’s wearing a helmet.


I imagine this will be what Moby Dick looks like when Disney gets around to making an animated movie out of it.

Hmm, I wonder if I should buy this for Paul Watson.

That’ll be a whale of a tale. The story to end all stories.

The whale looks like one of those who wouldn’t do most of the peddling.

They look like they’re going to have a whaley good time.


I like the baby blue but there definitely needs to be more warm-colored shirts in the upcoming days.

Ahab must be the terminator in disguise because Moby isn’t even helping with the pedaling!

“Efff Youuu Dolphinnn… Efff youuu Whaaaalee!”

I love designs that tell Physics and Biology to go screw themselves.

How exactly does one pedal with a tail?

YES! Love it BD

that ladybug of a helmet couldn’t protect anyone >.> (hence the two arrows stuck in moby’s head)

It looks like Ahab decided to use his spyglass as a replacement leg.