That's No Moon

It’s too bad about the text under the moon. If not for that I would buy the shirt.

Same here.

Also not a fan of the text.

Same here to, i can’t even tell what the text says.

Wow, 500 votes! Haven’t seen those numbers in a while. Congrats, Pablo! Well deserved.

I love wirdou’s witty take on René Magritte’s La trahison des images:

Is there a reason it’s in French…?

it says ‘That’s no moon’ in French

Uh, the text is what makes it classy versus kitschy.

For the uncultured: French for “this is not a moon.” A play on a surrealist painting (ceci n’est pas un pipe.)

The text is “Ceci n’est pas une lune”, which is French for “That’s no moon!”

In fact, I kinda like that… it makes it less obvious, people will think at first glance that it’s some artsy shirt, instead of a reference to the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!


EDIT: Yeah, what Allegro said!

Yep. I think that counts as a landslide. Clever take on two kinds of classic.

I completely agree, if not for the text I would buy the shirt in a heartbeat. Even if the text was something other than french. As it stands, no dice.


Well done! Congrats on the print.
(Really, I just love it when something I voted for prints!)

DIS-Agree, the text, done just this way, makes this shirt work much better. I’d like the text to glow. I won’t buy it because it’s a black shirt. But I wish I could. Nice job, congrats.

want this in a hoodie

sacre blue, invaders!!!

I can definitely appreciate the nod to art that the text gives, but unfortunately it’s the reason I will not be getting this shirt. Not my style at all. Besides, I already have Know Your Moons, which fits my style much better. This is a great shirt, just not for me.

Wait, there’s a movie reference in the design in addition to the reference to the Magritte painting?

I think this is a perfect use of the “Ceci n’est pas…” trope. The Magritte painting is a commentary on the falseness of reproduction as well as on the psychology of visual interpretation: this isn’t a pipe; it’s a painting of a pipe. Wirdou’s shirt - on first glance - appears to be a moon, but it’s not a moon. Moreover, it’s not even simply a t-shirt of a moon: there’s a glow-in-the-dark… something in there that’s only revealed under certain visual circumstances.