That is the Paradox

Nice shirt, but does anyone else here think that “Tabby, and Not Tabby” would have worked just as well?

Another stupid unfunny shirt. First, who buys these things and second WHO WEARS THEM??

Half the time it’s some stupid star wars joke or comment the other half is just stupid.

Yesterday’s shirt with the fish print was nice and probably the only tee shirt I would have worn that’s been on shirt woot in the past six months.

This whole site went down the crapper when stupid amazon bought it. It was so much better when people respond,“ what? What the hell is woot?”

/end rant

Wooters voted for this. If you didn’t vote … well …

Angry much?
I think it’s a cute shirt.

This is nothing compared to the pre-Amazon days in which folks would be ranting by the pages whenever a certain artist printed.

I will post something POSITIVE on this. This shirt is AMAZING. Those who do not think so need some higher education to understand it. I am ordering this for my son who is a Physics Major in his junior year at U of M. Thank you, artist who thought of this!