That Is The Question

Next nevermore?

Awesomely reminiscent of The Raven t-shirt

Alas, poor Yorick!

Very cleverly done sir. I applaud you.

Is Nevermore not selling well enough?

Yurick never looked so good! And I knew him.

Psh… it’s nothing but idle words…

and shading. There’s definitely shading. :wink:

Congrats on the print, Ape Lad.

I love Hamlet, but this just reminds me how often Hamlet is mis-quoted as “Alas Poor Yorick I knew him well” rather than “I knew him, Horatio”. And that makes me sad.

Awesome. I have the Nevermore shirt and this will definitely make a good addition to my shirt.woot collection. I love that it looks hand written (or is hand written).


I had to do it.

Billy Madison

Darn it, that’s excellent.

To buy or not to buy… THAT is the question.

Great design. I also approve of the size and placement. Nice work apeland.

I like this in theory, but this is muddled.

The skull is associated with the “Alas, poor Yorrick” speech. But the text here is the “To be, or not to be” speech.

This and Nevermore go together way too well. Wear this and have someone wear Nevermore and people will think you’re…uh…text-as-art freaks?

A very odd place in the middle of the soliloquy to stop. He’s only halfway done with explaining why he’s wussing out on killing his uncle. Again.

And in the end, his lack of action ensures that EVERYONE DIES.

The moral of this story is, if you have to off someone evil, just do it. Letting them live is never a good plan.

If you REALLY want someone to read your shirt for a long time, put Halle Berry’s Oscar acceptance speech on one.

They could have just charged my card and mailed me the shirt without even telling me. It’s that good.

Not as awesome as Nevermore. I will not be buying this one.