That´s one small step…

And now I wanna cry a little… :frowning: Poor little moonling…

Was I seriously first? I even had time to read the description? Wow…woot. What up?

Teraforming would be horrible for these little guys. The one room of one human’s quarters would take over a whole metropolis for these guys.

Perhaps they could be transplanted into a fishtank?

Congrats on the print, BTW, Sven!

Before anyone brings this up, I’m going to say that the alien knows English because he’s been observing Earth with some sophisticated surveillance gear. Also, it’s how he knew where to be to greet the lander (and subsequently be trampled).

This ties in well, as today was the launch of the last shuttle mission to space for the forseeable future.

I hate to say it, but it looks like the conspiracy theorists were right.

Do not feel sorry. Stephen Hawking recently said that these buggers would likely just want to steal our stuff if they ever came here, so one less of them is not a bad thing.

Literally, I hope when the otherworldlings do make it the Earth, that they (in the meantime) have created some type of peaceful organization for their own protection.

We as Earthlings sure pick on aliens a TON (be it movie, tv show, song). Though, I do suppose ALF had a pretty good life, as well as Mork.

It’s the point though, we seem hostile.

Not the last shuttle just the last trip for Atlantis. I think both of the other shuttles have one more mission… I think.

just fyi- amarillo is “yellow” in spanish

I’m reminded of A Narrow Martian of Error

…um, you do know how that series ended, don’t you?

So then was it a Suicide? The plot thickens.

Ah, the arrogance of humanity.

Yayy, so happy this one made it! :slight_smile:

…this is probably why there are no (more) signs of life on the moon.

So glad this printed, in for one! :slight_smile:

the world needs more lerts. i don’t know about rillos.

mars needs women

to serve man

(uh-oh, here comes the fork)

alright, alright, i’m going.



district 9

Imagine the travesty that happened when NASA shot that rocket into the moon a couple months ago! We might’ve wiped out several cities!

Oh the Moonmanity!

How is this 2nd Place Derby Champ!!! This is one of “thee” most GEEKY shirts I have ever laid eyes upon!!! Woot!! Please don’t make me think twice about you!!