That's A Lot of Knives!

I see the black chive sold out quickly. I also see Woot is still using a picture of the wrong knife. The knife Woot is selling is the 1600ALBLK, and is a matte finish. The knife pictured is the 1600BLK, which is boron carbide coated & has a glossy finish. Both are fine knives, but it’s a bit like bait & switch when you’ve been told of the error and don’t fix it.

Thanks for pointing this out again- I’m going to check back in with our buyer/sport team.

Well, that’s a pisser, see’in as how I’m the one who bought what was presented as a gloss-finish Chive…Woot, you an’ me, we may be talkin’…

The matte looks better in person imo anyways. I guess if you really wanted the gloss that is unfortunate but I think most people seem to like matte more if you see them side by side.

Oh and the matte one wears in better, gets the same kind of look as the blackwashed while the glossy just gets scratched looking.

additionally, the black Chive pictured looks like it has a frame lock, the knife that is for sale, i.e. the matte finish black knife, has a liner lock. Minor detail. I bought the black Chive about a month ago expecting the glossy polished one, but I actually prefer the one I got, its my favorite knife, the action is super smooth and quick, deadly sharp, great fit, but I agree Woot should be ashamed for not fixing a problem that was brought to their attention about a dozen times since then

I sure wish the Ken Onion Kershaws would quit selling out before I find out about them. I know the Rainbow Chive is still available but I would prefer one of the more understated knives.

Yeah, I noticed there was apparently ONE of them sold! Sorry I didn’t comment before you plunked down your cash. I bought one previously & didn’t find out about the discrepancy until mine actually delivered, WAY more disappointing! But, having said that, it’s still a good price & a GREAT knife!

Personal opinion, I’ve found the Leek to be more comfortable to clip to my pocket than the Chive. But they are both great!

Shipping for these knives is crazy fast. I order two (Blue Chive and bear and sons 2 blade folder) from this sale and they came in the mail today.

I ordered the UZI Responder II Folding Partially Serrated Knife and the locking mechanism doesn’t work, so the knife is a little dangerous to use since the blade can close up at any time with my fingers right there. I didn’t return it because I’m lazy, but just so people know, these won’t necessarily be perfect if they go on sale again.