That's Like Totally Random

Hmmm, so the random Anvil blanks are back … and if last year’s AA blank sale was an indication, it’s for an imminent change.

I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, however.

This is the first time I’ve gotten to place an order for the totes before they were sold out. Deliriously happy about that. Also ordered the max number of shirts because I’m still hoping for a Krampus shirt. One day, Woot, one day.

I’m in. Cannot resist a random sale! Grabbed a zip hoodie and two more shirts for the kids. Last time they fought over Console Wars, so I’m hoping the younger one (who gets first pick this time) gets something he can wear proudly!]

Hoodie’s for me because mom needs random too, dangit!

What are “self-fabirc” handles on the zip tote?

Love love LOVE the fact that tri-blend tanks are available just in time for summer. <3
Also, love lightweight hoodies.

I really want to see more women’s cut tanks though. (Since the unisex tanks have too-large arm holes for me.)

Dadblasted furloughs. Timing couldn’t have been worse. Back to school, the upcoming holidays while we try to make up bills, and random woots I can’t have. I’m so sad. :frowning:

The handles are made of the same fabric as the totes.

As the women’s sizes complement each other, the best outcome would be to maintain both brands, though the added logistics and potential for confusion may dictate otherwise.

Damn missed out on a zipped hoody. I made out great on the last round, only one brightly colored blank shirt out of 6. Of course now I jinxed myself and will receive nothing but pink, yellow and light blue.

I missed out on the koozies!!! :’( but at least I got some ipad sleeves. Cool!

Always buy…8?

I remember back in March when I ordered a random hoodie.
It never came.
I contacted them and they said they would send out another one.
It never came.

Does anyone else have to babysit their orders like this?
Does any other company take your money, and then not deliver the product they promise?

What’s up with that?


For the long-sleeve tees, does manufactured in USA mean AA shirts?? Thanks!!

yes it does, so far the LS shirts have been american apparel, thank god.

the short sleeve shirts, at least for me, have been hit or miss, it says honduras, but last time i was sent an aa, so it didnt fit.

It would be awesome if you sold some LW hoodie blanks. I would buy a few of those.

Long sleeve Ts only offer S, M, L, XL. Are these all men’s sizes? No lady’s???

You can find them direct from Alternative Apparel, but of course, shirt.Woot is cheaper. :slight_smile:

Correct. The American Apparel 2007 are men’s/unisex size.

That seems like a great deal on random longsleeves. I always bought 2 even when they were 12.99 each.