That's Like Totally Random

when did they stop doing 3 packs of the random tee’s? this website has been going down hill ever since amazon bought them :frowning:

Huh? 2 = $12, 3 = $20 - it’s a better deal now than it was before, and if you really need your fix of randoms, you can buy 4 2-packs here and then 4 more off the main site for 16 shirts total. I do recommend staggering your purchase if doing so, however.

I haven’t bought woot shirts in a while, how often are they doing these random, groupon-esque selling periods? I wanted to purchase the zip hoodie but they’re all sold out. Will they replenish before the the time period ends?

Great… we finally get a Bingo-over-Cribbage in this Woot-Off, but it lasts 8/10ths of a second. But the Random Shirt still lasts a whole freaking hour.


ask not for whom the bell tolls, woot, it tolls for your failure to sell random t-shirts in packs of three.

Buy a quantity of 3 (6 shirts). Comes to $36. On shirt Random Woots they are 3 for $19.99 (which is 6 for $39.96). So it is actually CHEAPER to purchase 3 sets of these double randoms rather than 6 single shirts in a regular Woot random. You save $3.69!

Source: I know math.

Anybody have a listing of what the possible ipad sleeves could be? I’m curious about what I could get if I buy it.

Replenish?? What do you think this is - Groupon?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though - they don’t replenish - once stock is gone, it’s gone. I think I’d be semi-accurate in saying that random sales tend to come around once every other month, but there probably isn’t really a schedule for this sort of thing - it’s more likely it’s whenever they feel like it. So the next one could be months away, or merely weeks away…

Expiry date of the deals always gets me - geez… only read the date part and thought it would be still good July 29, impatient me forgets the time part too often.

Looking to trade:

V-NECK Villainous Velociraptor SZ SMALL

Must be small v-neck Tee to trade.

PM me.

I have and both in women’s mediums. Happy to swap for other shirts, preferably in women’s smalls.

I got 3 3-packs of koozies. All nine were the same. Is that normal? Did I miss something?

I got:


Both Mens’ M

Willing to trade either for a Men’s M.
PM me.

I ordered the 2 pack of random long sleeve tees and 3 pack anvil blank. Only got the 2 pack. They say, “Whoops. No more. We refund.” ::sadface::

BTW, I kinda like that nocturnal owl. Wish it was in L.

For full disclosure, I did actually get:


I keep, if only to use colored sleeves.

I got
and [img][img]

I got a in M2XL that I’d like to trade for another M2XL. I also got the Nocturn-owl shirt mentioned above, but I’m going to keep that one :slight_smile:

The plot thickens on what’s happening with the blanks …

Nevermore showed up on the doorstep in my long sleeve randoms; today, I am officially a shirtwooter! ; )

Also in package, Resist, on the list of shirts I’d like to receive as a random since its being offered for sale seems to coincide with budgetary lows. So thank you shirtwoot! randomizers.

Hmm I ordered and paid for 2 short and 2 long. Got a shipping notice on the package. I got 2 short sleeves. Any idea what’s going on with the longs?

If you’re missing some shirts from your order, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.
They’ll be more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order.