That's No Police Box

I wish the tardis wasn’t there and the stars went to plaid instead.

I love this shirt. I finally got it today. and it is too small. Damn it.

Same here…way too small. Looks like youth sizing.

Found same problem with the Hoodie, runs small. But nice design and looks great on the Hoodie. Will have to give it away to a smaller person (hope they like the design too)

Looks like you ordered American Apparel. As noted in the features and size chart, they run small.

Here’s more info on the fit.

Which is why I ordered a size up & it’s still ridiculously small. Very disappointed.

Did you refer to the sizing chart before you ordered your shirt? Everybody’s body s different and no thanks to so many manufacturers vanity sizing their apparel, NEVER assume that sizes are “typical” anymore. That goes for guys too, BTW.

I had the same issue with sizes. My girlfriend bought this for me in AA medium. I’ve had AA medium shirts before, and no way is this normal. I think some youth size shirts got mixed in somehow. It’s smaller than most xs shirts. She was really disappointed.

I just referred to the size chart to make sure I wasn’t crazy. There’s no way that the shirt I received is anywhere close to the dimensions listed in the chart.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

It helps if you send a link to a picture showing the measurements.

How does one get licensing to do a shirt like this?

I believe it’s considered parody and, therefore, skirts any trademark/copyright issues.