That's Not a Knife! These Are Knives.

I ordered a Gerber knife, just to try one out. They are cheap steel at this price, but that isn’t a dealbreaker, sharpening is easy too. But my Gerber was extremely dull out of the box - that is just lousy. If you sell knives, you should ship them with a razor edge. Stick to Kershaw for budget knives, they have a wide variety and will arrive ready to use out of the box.

I have had no problems with the gerbers being sharp out of the box. But anecdotes aren’t data, etc, etc.

Surely both Gerber and Kershaw are mass sharpened on a machine? So without any actual data, I would guess the only difference between Gerber and Kershaw could be quality control? I mean, Kershaw doesnt have access to some knife sharpening technology that Gerber can’t get, you are just saying you think they care more?

And you are right about the price. If you are disappointed in the knife you get, then just tell yourself that for 10 bucks, you now own the Cadillac of box cutters! I keep them spread out throughout my work area so that one is always handy. They do tend to grow legs and walk off with other people this way tho. Annoying, that is…