The 80s had all the best slang

come on! somebody comment on what the letters are! I can’t get the e, w, i, 2nd a, or 1st o!

Here’s my guesses: (revised with help)
G - Goonies
A - A Team
G - Ghostbusters
M - Mario Bros.
E - ET
W - Wham!
I - Indiana Jones
T - Top Gun
H - HeMan
A - more pretty please
S - Star Wars
P - Pacman
O - Octop—y
O - Oregon Trail
N - Nickelodeon

E = ET, the rest I haven’t figure out either.

I think the first O is Octopussy (James Bond). Haven’t figured out the others yet.

(the filters caught the name, but think female anatomy)

Indiana Jones?

More to guess here:

and the thread in the corresponding derby has all the answers if you can stand to search for it.

Ha ha… it won’t let me type the name of the James Bond film.

Oh, and the T is 100% Top Gun.

YES! Thank you!

The “I” is from Indiana Jones

That gets us the W. Wham!

has anyone figured out the second A… the one with the 3 stars in it?