The Amazing Race Discussion


I know I’m not the only Amazing Race fan, since Thunder Thghs got me to check it out in the first place, so how do you like the current teams? Who do you think will win? Who’s going to need couple’s counseling?


I think this season has some good players. I like the Rockers but they didn’t do as well as I hoped.

Also, reading is fundamental. Read those clues.


I can’t say I’ve kept up with the show recently, though it seems the biggest fail is not reading them twice and taking an extra minute to consider more than one interpretation.

Bragging point - I had my 15 seconds of fame as an on camera clue provider back in season 7.


Cool! What was it related to?


Well, thanks for taking the bait! Actually digging back it was season 8 - the infamous Family Edition. My wife and I along with a few of our friends all managed to get picked to work as extras for the Washington DC leg of the race.

It was a “spy” theme and the contestants had to switch breifcases with an “agent” to get the next clue. The hitch: 50 people carried briefcases but only 10 had clues.

Mind you, in post 9/11 Washington DC, the US Park Service was flooded with calls about people walking around the monuments carrying briefcases.

Better still - nothing like wearing a suit and tie walking around for four hours on a sunny 80 degree DC day.

But hey - that’s show business!

And just call me Pops.


Monster truck dude needs to get a clue. They’re lucky they’re still in.

I LOVE the twins. They crack me up. They did really well and seem willing to dive into anything. It was funny when they hugged Phil and he was getting grossed out by the fish smell.

I really like the Mutt & Jeff team but I’m not sure how well they’ll do.


I like the amputee team but I’m not sure they’ll have the stamina to survive. I wanted to like the twins and the blond athletes under my “keep the most attractive girls on the show initiative” but they both are starting to annoy me… too much unhelpful yelling, especially from the twins. One team I’m surprised I like is the UT couple. Most couples are terrible to each other and I assumed the jock and cheerleader would be like that, but they seem really good to each other. Not interesting enough to get much screen time, but if they keep doing well that will change.


It was a race to see which bumbling team would be last.

Do y’all follow Phil on twitter? He live tweets the show. Pretty interesting.


I HATE the twins. Although most of the teams seem alright, there’s no team I’m outright rooting for yet.


Oh yeah, forgot about this. I lost all respect for the twins and the Texans when they stole the rockers’ money. In the end I wanted either the Chippendales or the Beakmans (sp?) to win.

I’m 2 weeks behind right now (including this weekend), so NO SPOILERS!