The Angry Girlfriend

Better him being caught by his girlfriend than the other girl’s boyfriend…I’m sure no sailor would want a blackeye after being shipped back home.

That would definitely make the news in the 1940’s.

I wonder if this really happened. Hmmm…perhaps I can look into it.

haha this shirt is great but whats with all the shirts being about history lately

I was so hoping for First to Flight…

Two shirts featuring faceless members of the military? Certainly not a combo you see every derby.

And I’m sad that RGlee’s shirt didn’t print. :frowning:

Excellent…getting one as a reminder of the merits of simplicity (bonus: also reminder of the perils of infidelity.)

I’m not sure, but it has nothing to do with the most recent derby, that I know.

This is a prediction? I’m not sure how you would predict the past.

You know, there are more important things to worry about when you’re surrounded by creepy gray ghosts.

Just sayin’.

I was hoping this shirt would show up tonight! Great design!

OMG!!! What an excellent surprise to see tonight!!! CONGRATS GUYS!!!

Offer up a verb and I’ll change it just for you.

hmm… For a while there I thought that the girl was angry about the guy kissing her girlfriend. =P

I’m always a sucker for these art shirts, Great work. I voted so: In for one!

Lovely work.

Recalls, assumes, infers. Kind of alright, I guess.

EDIT: also, posit.

[Mod: There you go. Even gave you credit. =P )

*raises hand


Congrats Janesko and Arparham! Nice job! :slight_smile:

Would wearing this shirt suggest I support loose kissing?