The Apathy Coalition

:frowning: god… I bet you’re right on that…

I’m trying hard to care that this won, but…can’t…muster…emotions…

Hooray for things that remind me of Futurama! But no thanks.

“Dont” is not a word.

Booom! There goes the neighborhood…

This shirt is highly interesting!

Great for a teenager, or whatever those zombie-like creatures call themselves.

It’s “its”. (Is that more confusing?)

In for one. This shirt is totally “me”.

This matches today’s shirt over a shirtaday dot com quite well…

Crossing fingers that the Wookiee shirt got third. Not too confident though. See you in about 24 hours, Woot!

Boots will always be 1st in Woot’s hearts…

Congrats on print Boots, design is great.

Only one shot left to get my CAKE on =(!

might buy it, might not

Man, I would buy it in a heartbeat if only it wasn’t on red.


On the subject of apathy. I was in student government in college for a couple years. On year the Student Senate created an Apathy Sub-commitee to look into a general lack of student participation on campus.

After two meetings, the Apathy Sub-commitee was disbanded due to lack of interest!

Woot posts the top 4 when the derby closes. Wookiee is not on the list.

I prefer the term “pacifist”.

Don’t really care about the shirt, but it’s nice to see lie used correctly: when you lie there all day.